Greetings my lovelies and a particularly warm welcome to my new blog that I’m creating (with my very bare hands).   This About Me page, arrives 5 days into my jittery voyage so far.  

(I say voyage because ‘journey’ is so overused these days it seems cheesy/cringey and voyage is just slightly less cheesy/cringey)

So here we are my fellow passengers. This is me: 

  • I’m a stay at home Scottish Mum 
  • I live by the seaside with my ‘Significant Other’ (an oil & gas professional) in sin 😮. I hope you’re not reaching for the smelling salts & clutching your pearls?
  • We have never married and we’re ok with that, for now….
  • I have decades of parenting fail feathers in my cap (fail feathers not tail feathers. Although I can still shake those too)
  • My 4 darling children span 23 years from youngest to oldest. 2 girls, 2 boys and they are all chuffing well awesome.
  • I like to LAUGH.  I also like to laugh in the face of life’s obstacles (although my blog will be far from doom and gloomy) such as teen pregnancy, divorce & single parenthood.  Then, for example, more recently, the cruel disease Vascular Dementia that robbed me of my Mother. My father, my hero, becoming an amputee and stroke victim & my sister having a life threatening tumour which attached to her brain, removed (all 3 of which happened at the same time) happy f*$?#%!g days eh!!  But still, I laughed in the face of adversity.  That is…..before I succumbed to PND (after having my 4th baby aged 41) I didn’t laugh then but I can sort of laugh about that now, however, I’d like to share my experiences on all of these things with you, over time (as promised, with no doom and gloom)
  •  My loves are; Music, cinema, reading  (whenever humanly possible) and all things foody 
  • I am an incurable romantic and I shall make no apologies 😍
  • I’m sorry

I’d also like to take this opportunity to give my page a rating of PG13 as there shall be the odd occasion, for artistic purposes, that there shall be use of profanity/sweariness.