1. Are you a parent who loves to be organised but your kids domestic skills are a disgrace to humanity?
  2. Do you obsess about attention to detail but the house continually looks like it’s been burgled?
  3. Would you at the very least like some ‘me time’ before work and after dinner to bond with your kids, read more than 3 lines of a newspaper/book/glossy mag or any other guilty pleasure?

If you’re exasperated and gone hoarse yelling at the children, fear not, help is at hand in the form of this new routine my friend has put me onto, having discovered it on Twitter. 

It’s the brain child of the busy, talented & super stylish, single Mum of 4, Vonny Moyes (Digital Communications Manager at Forestry Commission and freelance journalist) Oh, and did I mention, she has the cutest Daschund?

 How do you do it??

Well first of all, there’s the weekly family meeting, run by the children.  (I’m opting for a Monday, no rugby/gymnastics/swimming etc etc etc)


Lovely, thoughtful answers from Vonny’s children

Then here comes the science: 

A morning checklist:

An Evening checklist:

Something for us to obsess about, complete with colour coding and all. Wool woop! 

This pearl of parenting wisdom has come at a perfect time when I feel am losing the grip on my authority, a little, with my kids.

My youngest has just gone to nursery and it’s changed the whole dynamic of my household (and her temperament to: tired/crabbit). My youngest son has just graduated to secondary school and the 7am rise is purgatory for his particular style of not being a morning person at all.  This coincides with my oldest teenage boy/man/Neanderthal (who knows everything) leaving for school at the same time and thus, has developed a newfound proclivity for the F bomb (and every other alphabet bomb you can imagine as well).  If anyone should be F bombing it should be me.
He’s also a door slammer….(testosterone off the scale)

The idea of this parenting routine should help us function better as a family.  All of us. It should take the stress out of mornings, evenings and the mad half hour before bed, (giving me back my voice), teaching the children how to be in control, manage their time and in the end earn some decent pocket money*, on a Friday! 

*there’s always a catch 😊

(I was all for rolling this out tonight but my printer chose tonight to be a dick). So, Monday it is. Meeting scheduled for 6.30pm. Be there.