A little while ago I said I’d do my little review for The Lie Tree by France’s Hardinge. I mentioned that I’d bought it for my niece but subsequently was engrossed by it myself, as you see from the following link:

Young Adult Fiction Link

I’m glad to say I wasn’t at all disappointed when I finished this quirky book with all its magic mysteriousness.  I was quite gripped by how stylish and well written it was and I’m looking forward to see how my niece finds it. 

Faith, the 14 year old main protagonist, lives in the shadow of her brilliant father, a natural scientist and on his untimely death on the small island of Vane (where their family have recently settled) she comes upon a secret plant her father has hidden which has supernatural power.  Against the odds, using her own high intellect and daring spirit she inherited from her father, she uses the trees’ power to her own advantage, manipulating people and complex situations to solve the circumstances of her fathers death.  

The fact this book touches on feminism and how restrained women’s lives were in the era after Darwin published The Origin of the Species, will be educational for youngsters today to appreciate how far we have come! 

“There was a hunger in her, and girls were not supposed to be hungry. They were supposed to nibble sparingly at table, and their minds were supposed to be satisfied with a slim diet too.” 

I really enjoyed this book.  It’s really well crafted with great descriptive writing and bags of tension.  Adults (like me) will find this as enjoyable as any youngster. 

Doing a thumbs up 👍🏻