Holy hell, my blood is boiling this morning!  Waking to read some horribly cruel reaction, on social media, to the news that our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has decided to speak publicly about her miscarriage a few years ago.

Holyrood Article

It’s a massively brave decision for her, in the circumstances, however, the backlash on social media has already begun. It never ceases to amaze me how low people can stoop and on such a tender subject as this. To suggest that she has done so for political gain is abhorrent.

I for one, am glad at these revelations and I hope she achieves what she clearly hopes to by sharing her and her husband’s experience because let’s not forget, this affects both of them, deeply. 

My older sister, waited 13 years and many miscarriages in between, to have her son (now a strapping 20year old).  The loss of 3 much wanted and dreamed of babies, for us all as a family, was a roller coaster of extreme highs and lows.  Having, myself, had my first daughter very young and unplanned, my sister also had to endure the fact that it came easy for me and my other two sisters to conceive. She did so with dignity and unconditional love and never once did she make us feel guilty for it. She idolised her nieces and nephews as they now idolise her. 

The one thing that always sticks with me is, however, my sister having to endure the cold, prodding remarks from people always prying, asking when she was going to have a family? When she was going to put her career aside and finally have a baby? It happened more times than you’d imagine, from people who should have known better, well meaning or not. 

Holding public office and having to endure that kind of pressure is unimaginable. 

So people, don’t feel the urge to ask those kind of personal questions to a woman/a couple, when you don’t know what battle they may be fighting or even if they choose not to have children at all, for whatever reason.  

It’s none of our business.  If a woman wants to share her reasons with you, she will, and if she doesn’t, she doesn’t. Just don’t pry.  

I hope Nicola finds that sharing her experiences is a way for her to heal too.  I am a huge admirer of Nicola as a politician and as a human being. Whether or not she is a mother makes no difference to me as she tries to lead my country to Independence. 

I’d like to just state that my wish for independence for Scotland does not diminish my love for the other countries of the U.K. or my family and friends who live there.