Score some major Mum points with your ankle biters on Sunday morning with this easy peasy  Potato Scone recipe. Yum. 

It’s so simple, works every time & my kids (who are like locusts at a dinner table) observe me with a tilted head look which, is a mix between astonishment & adulation. “You made these Mum?” Says No.2 son, whom I find later, checking the bin for the Sainsburys wrapper he thinks I’ve hidden. Always the doubter!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Starving hungry children/husband/family /visitors etc.
  • 500g of mashed potatoes 
  • 100g of plain flour 
  • 50g of butter 
  • Pinch of salt 
  • Background music, the essential part of cooking absolutely anything  

I’ve chosen the brilliant and talented, appropriately Scottish band, Chvrches. LOVE them. Wrap your ears around this:

ChvrchesClearest Blue

Fire away!:

  1. Add butter and salt to the well mashed potato.
  2. In a mixing bowl mix in the plain flour with the mash. Don’t let the mixture go dry. 
  3. Empty onto a flat surface and use a rolling pin to roll out the mixture  to approx. 3mm thick. Cut into triangles.
  4. Put each one into a frying pan and cook on both sides until brown. 

Et Voila!!

👌🏻 Handy Tip. Make some extra mash the night before and keep it refrigerated till morning 👌🏻

Now, there is some talk in these parts, that you should eat them with a bowl of broth or lentil soup but I say bollocks to that! You need to wash those bad boys down with a fried egg, sausage, black pudding or haggis (if you can catch one 👹) and an Irn Bru.  I should perhaps kill two birds with one stone here and advise you that, there, is also a terrific hangover cure along with a few squares of chocolate afterwards. Tried and tested. Trust me.

Hope you enjoy and perhaps give it a go. Would be really chuffed to bits if you’d share your results with me if you do!