Oh, my heart hurts! What sad news this evening of the comedy and acting genius that was Gene Wilder’s, passing.  

I’ll have to call my big sister! She’ll be in tatters.  She has been a life long fan and I’m pretty sure the legit Guinness Book of Record holder ‘for viewing Blazing Saddles’.  Straight up. That is not even a comedic exaggeration. 

Just a few of my personal favourites
I dearly wish I had more time this evening to devote to more than a couple of paragraphs to this legendary, blue eyed, hero (however, I have a literal mound of ‘domestic commitments’* to attend to) but before I go, I just wanted to share my surprise in hearing he had passed away from the complications of Alzheimer’s. Apparently a little known fact and one he didn’t want to share because

he simply couldn’t bear the idea of one less smile in the world.

So, I’ll sign off with this link and let him sing us out tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, the marvellous Gene Wilder:

The Chocolate Room

*the f*!*$%#g ironing