WOW! It has taken a Herculean push today to finally commit myself to my new blog! Finding the (precious) time, overcoming a little dollop of low self esteem as well as the feeling of being a teeny bit over ambitious, has been no easy feat but I’m here. I’m wearing lipstick and I’m here. HELLO! Greetings from a novice on B* Day! Squeeeee! So exciting!

I’ve hit the trail today with the bold intention to be entertaining and share my experiences (good and bad) on stay at home parenting (my fabulous 4) kids, caring (for my elderly awesome widowed Dad), relationships, life (and its obstacles) and there may be a sprinkling of fairly amateur but insightful reviews on cinema, relationships and foodie things on occasion. I ain’t no Nigella so don’t hold your breath. I don’t have the boobs for it (or an alleged Coke habit either) but what I can promise is that it will be honest, open minded and straight from the heart.

So there you have it. This is my objective.  My aim for my blog. I hope you will enjoy.  Any hints & tips will be gratefully received! Don’t be shy! I’m just a girl, standing in front of the world, wanting it to love her……😉

For now, am off to do a bit of ‘dance-dusting’ to a fine tune called

“Listen to me” by Baby Huey & the Babysitters